The theme for Ironfest in 2016 is Holy Grail. The quest is upon us as we explore life in medieval times.

Roar for your champion at the Joust. Witness the amazing horseback skill at arms as the knights charge the quintain. Vikings and viking weaponry glisten as they rush into the breach. Knights bow and ladies curtsey, Perch an eagle on your arm as the kingly art of falconry is demonstrated. Jugglers juggle, firebreathers breathe fire, jesters in jest. Buy some medieval jewellery for your betrothed. Get fitted for a personal suit of armour. Try your hand at archery. Meet and greet the knights and horses of the Joust. Experience the trial and punishment of the stocks, Stand back as the hordes clash in the Grand Melee. Ironfest is truly the Holy Grail of Medieval Mayhem.

Come and buy great art and handmade products at Ironfest 2016.


Medieval Gallery