2016 will feature 3 steam traction engines from the early 1900s. First up a Marshall and Sons 8 horsepower single cylinder machine. Built in 1913, it spent most of its life working in a Tasmanian sawmill. It can haul up to 80 tonnes and is in original condition. It was brought to the mainland in 2015 by owner David Toyne. Next is a Ruston, Proctor and Co. 8 horse power Agricultural Steam Engine with colonial firebox. Manufactured in 1913 in Lincoln England, it also spent most of its life driving a sawmill. This 13 tonne machine was acquired and restored by owners Lyndall and Jim Hawkes in 2005. The 3rd engine is a Marshall 8 horse power compound manufactured in 1908 and hails from Mount Victoria. Like all the others it runs on wood fuel and has top speed of 4 miles per hour. The engines will be fully steamed up and running for the 2016 festival. Also at the festival, a range of vintage cars and bikes and standing engines. Get your tinker on!


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