Lithgow, once touted as the Birmingham of Australia & the birthplace of steel in Australia, was the home for literally hundreds, if not thousands of industrial blacksmiths up until the mid-20th century
Today that industry has largely passed along, however, the legacy remains & now an annual migration occurs when artist blacksmiths from all around the country converge on Lithgow to join a small local group at Ironfest to demonstrate the ancient skills & techniques & passion of a dying trade. See iron & steel being manipulated into all sorts of products such as furniture, knives, jewellery & even garden sculpture.

There is also the opportunity to purchase work already completed with a fantastic exhibition of great metal art & craft; maybe even commission something totally unique for your house. Speak directly with the makers; connect with them & get involved in the craft if you wish. The blacksmiths can be found in the Hall of Industry, the engine room of Ironfest.


Blacksmith Gallery