Ironfest has always been open to all genres and we are seeing more and more SciFi elements in the crowd. In past years we’ve had giant astronauts roaming the grounds, HG Wells time machine for classic SF fans, the captains chair of the USS Enterprise and the helm of the USS Tydirium – Sydney’s Star Trek fan club – and the R2 Builders Club and the Sydney Saber Arena for Star Wars fans. The R2 Builders Club are always great fun to have around with their working R2D2 droids, K-9 and Daleks from Dr Who, B-9 from Lost in Space plus countless custom bots, like the Mars Rover. They always have something new and this year you might see anything from a pet dragon to a BB8 droid from The Force Awakens. Ironfest truly spans the ages from ancient civilisations to a Galaxy Far Far Away.

Sci-Fi Gallery